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The reaction I get when I tell people I traveled to two countries for three weeks with only a backpack, and a carry-on, never gets old.

Seriously I will never check a bag, ever again. Don’t panic, it’s easier than you think. You just need to have the right gear, be organized and have some kind of plan.

As a woman traveling solo, I much prefer to have all my stuff together and manageable rather than struggle, need assistance or give the appearance of needing assistance.

Trust me, it’s much safer this way and once you’ve successfully traveled light, you will never want to bog yourself down with unnecessary baggage ever again…..both in the literal and figurative sense! Hahaha, see what I did there?

In this particular instance, I went to a friends wedding in Italy for a week during the summer, and then spent two weeks in Ireland. Italy in August is very hot and humid, whilst Ireland on the other hand is cold and rainy.  I love cold and rainy, humidity….not so much. The important thing to note here is the two totally different climates I was going to be in. Gasp! However, does one plan and pack for this?

Well I am so glad you asked!

I am in love with eBags! I purchased the eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible Junior Backpack and let me tell you, this thing has so many pockets, compartments and cleverly designed little stash pockets you’ll wonder how you will EVER fill them…but you will! The Junior size is a few inches shorter than the regular Weekender, so for those who are vertically challenged or who just don’t want the extra bulk, this pack is perfect!

Organization is a very key component when traveling light, if you aren’t familiar with eBags Packing Cubes… should be! I use these babies every time I go anywhere. I LOVE them! They keep all your items neat, in one place and with the mesh top you will know with just a glance what’s in each cube. Oh and those kids at eBags are super smart too, because the different sizes within the sets are designed to stack on top of each other…..whaaaaaat?!? So, whether you’re packing a carry-on or a back pack, they will fit ever so perfectly to allow for maximum storage. Genius eBags, just plain genius!

Sadly, the carry-on overhead I purchased a year and a half ago and coincidentally love is no longer available… would appear any place on the planet! I have done a pretty thorough search and have come up empty. The only advice I can offer is to under size whatever the airline specs are. For instance, one airline may say 22 inches is okay for a carry-on, whilst a smaller connecting airline may only allow for 20 inches. I actually took my empty 20 inch carry-on to the airport to see for myself that it did in fact fit into their “carry-on size chart”.

Easy trick to avoid detection when trying to fly under the carry-on radar, stand behind someone with bigger bags than you. I know it sounds silly, but by the time it’s your turn, chances are you’ll just fly right on by. Pun totally intended!

Moral of the story my friends, life is too short to stress out and worry about your luggage and stuff. Travel light, be present and enjoy lifes moments.




3 thoughts on “Travel Light & Carry-On

  1. Thanks so much. I love the blue one. I realized I was travelling with way too much baggage two years ago. I went on vacation with friends in a place near the sea. Coming back I saw that I didn’t use at least half of my staff because we were on the beach all day. Then I figured out the problem. Instead of getting what I needed, I just got aĺ my favourite clothes…
    Anyway since then I try to get the minimum with me. It’s way easier and lighter!

    1. Thank you Jenny for taking the time to read, comment and share your personal experience. I agree, the lighter the better! Lighter also allows more room for purchases made whilst traveling… win!

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