Tweeze Me? What’s Your Plucking Problem?

Hello, my name is Nina and I’m a serial plucker. I mean every day is pluck-a-paloooza. Oh, I’ve tried waxing and threading, but it’s the wait time in between that drives me craaaaazy! Mild anxiety would occur if I got stuck someplace overnight and did not have my tweezers. I know, it’s a little, or a lot out there…..but I can’t be the only one! It’s a very real part of my getting ready process. At any given time, I will always have in my bag: tweezers, eyelash curler and lip balm. These are my three essential go to get ready to go anywhere items I could not be without.

Pop Art I Lost My Tweezers

That being said, not all tweezers are created equal. Believe me, I have recently spent a small fortune in my quest to replace the holy grail of tweezers I lost last year in Italy. After six….yes SIX attempts at replacing, I believe I have come as close as I am going to get to perfection.

Before coming home from vacation, I made a panic purchase in Italy and they were awful, everything about them awful. I had no idea when I started this quest how complicated or frustrating the search would end up being. The pair lost, I had for at least 10 years and were by Revlon, so naturally that was where I started my search. Why perfection was messed with I have no idea, but it was. Difference between the original and current design, the point at the end is much thicker making it more difficult to grip those stubborn little strands. I kept with Revlon for two more purchases, thinking….no hoping with one of them that the heavens would open and angels would sing, but alas, there was no singing, just another heavy sigh of disappointment.

With one pair, I tried a different angle…..big mistake. Hey, rumor has it change is good so I gave it a shot. Second pair, still not tapered enough at the tip. Unfortunately, you have no way of knowing this very important information until the purchase has been made and you’ve ripped open the package. So back to the beauty supply store I went. Next up, Sally Hansen. They looked great….in the package. Took them for a test drive and fell short, still not thin enough at the ends. Perfection was out there somewhere and I was going to find it.

Cartoon Plucker

Back to the beauty store, next up……Tweezerman. Being the Tweezerman novice that I was, they offer several different styles, I was looking at the $10 version and the $20 version. Not knowing the difference and not wanting to be disappointed yet again, I asked for assistance. I was told that there was “no real difference” between the two, that she had the $15 version and was quite happy with them. So I shrugged, and bought the $15 version. I returned the next day, thankfully the same girl was there and I happily explained what the difference was. They were too short with practically zero tension. Reluctantly now, I purchased the $30 version….and while there was no parting of the heavens or angels singing, I believe I more than did my research and am finally happy. They’re pretty purple, easy to control, and…..I own several pairs just on the chance there is yet another design change!


Lesson to be learned: When you find something you love or really like, buy more than one….because you never know when someone is going to F with the design!



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